We also custom-develop and write drivers/modules for various control systems.

Please find below the current list of control system and IP control drivers/modules currently released or in development:


Apple TV (all generations) IP control driver/module

This CommandFusion module provides native pairing and control of ATV v2 and v3 without needing a jailbreak or any 3rd party hardware (such as iTach/IR buds). It also works with ATV v1. Feedback of basic now playing status is also provided.

Coming soon.


MyMovies IP integration driver/module

Provides a full browsing interface of a local MyMovies server within CommandFusion (requires Integrators license for MyMovies v5+), as well as playback control of movies to a local Dune or Oppo BDP player (supports Oppo BDP-103/105/103D/105D). Oppo players do not support direct ISO playback, but our module provides automated ‘pushing’ of MKV content from MyMovies to Oppo players… The user can select a movie, and playback directly to the Oppo without leaving the CommandFusion interface.

Coming soon.


TapTile to Sonos/Rako bridge device

Currently in development, this bridge device will allow TapTile (http://www.taptilecontrols.com/) TTRF6 switches to control a local SONOS player or trigger Rako wired/wireless lighting scenes/macros etc. (requires a Rako Bridge, Rako ACM module not required). Lutron integration with TapTile is also planned for a later software version.

In development.


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