Mobotix T25 – Detecting Doorbell Event

We recently posted this on the CommandFusion forums, but thought this would be useful for others. This is geared towards iViewer/CommandFusion, but can equally be adapted for sending a TCP message from the Mobotox T25 to any TCP server system when the doorbell button is pressed. Equally it could be used so that the Mobotix T25 light button triggers a Rako or Lutron outdoor lighting scene:


Set up IP Notify Profile:

From the Transfer Profiles section of the T25, select IP Notify Profiles

Click on Add New Profile

In the IP Notify Profile field, enter a name for the profile, e.g. “iViewer”

From the IP Notify Type list, select Custom Configuration

In the Destination Address field type the iViewer device’s IP and port you’ve created a TCP Server system for, e.g.

From the drop-down lists select:

“Raw TCP/IP” in Data Protocol
“Plain Text” in Data Type

In the Message box at the bottom, enter:


Click Set and then Close


Set up Action Group:

From the Setup Menu, click on Action Group Overview

Click Add New Group

Enter a Group Name, e.g. “Doorbell”

Select Enable from the drop-down list

From Event Selection, select CameraBellButton

Click Add New Action

Select the IP Notify Profile you created above, e.g. IP Notify:iViewer

You can create other Actions for other buttons if you want

Click Set and then Close



Presuming you’ve set up your incoming TCP Server system within iViewer and feedback, you should then receive an incoming message similar to “MOBOTIX.t25.event=CameraBellButton” if the bell button is pressed on the T25. The IP Notify message we set up above is dynamic so depending on what Actions you set up iViewer will get the different messages.