Panasonic ends plasma production

Interesting article from CNET confirming that Panasonic ends plasma production in 2014… this can only be a good thing for LED and OLED over the next few years:

“Panasonic’s exit from plasma will sour TV value sweet spot

Panasonic will sell its last plasma TV March 2014, making the company’s current 2013 line its last. Great picture quality just became less attainable.”

“Now, confirming the rumors , Panasonic has announced that it’s leaving the plasma TV business altogether. It will close its last factory in December, and plans to sell its last plasma TV in March 2014.

The news might come earlier than expected, but the writing was on the wall. Plasma has been losing market share every year to LCD, and Panasonic has been posting losses and shedding jobs at a tremendous clip. Panasonic President Kazuhiro Tsuga vowed to address the situation with cuts, and CNET was told in March that the ZT60 would likely represent the last generation of plasma TV development the company would undertake.”

Full article here:

World’s largest plasma (103″) from Panasonic also one of their last:

Panasonic ends plasma production

Panasonic Largest Plasma


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