Sonos without a Bridge

Sonos are to allow users to setup Sonos without a Bridge. Traditionally Sonos users need a Sonos Bridge attached to their router to link Sonos players and their SonosNet to their home network. This blog post from Sonos says they are looking to allow users to set up Sonos without a Bridge. The system instead […]

New UK IPO exceptions make CD and DVD ripping legal

The UK Intellectual Property Office is set to make ‘ripping’ or backing up your films and music legal.

HDMI 2.0: UltraHD, 4K and future-proofing your install

Great article from Peter Aylett on HDMI 2.0, and what both installers and end-users can come to expect from the new standard, particularly with regard to UltraHD and 4K. It confirms Zen’s strategy of using the best products budget allows, and professionally terminated and certified CAT6A cabling. “Introduced in 2003, HDMI was one of those […]

Panasonic ends plasma production

Interesting article from CNET confirming that Panasonic ends plasma production in 2014… this can only be a good thing for LED and OLED over the next few years: “Panasonic’s exit from plasma will sour TV value sweet spot Panasonic will sell its last plasma TV March 2014, making the company’s current 2013 line its last. […]